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Briefly in english

Pick-Nick car show

Next Pick-Nick is 4th of August 2013.

Pick-Nick 2012 pictures by Mikko "Kautsi" Kauhanen (external link).

Place: Pilvenmäki horse track, city of Forssa, Finland

Entry - no fee
Parking - 10 euros (free for motorcycles)

More information: smcf.ry@gmail.com

Pick-Nick in numbers

2 500 cars in show area, hundreds of motorcycles and 30 000 visitors in one day!
Several different clubs traditionally meets in Pick-Nick - i.e. Mopar Club, GM Cruisers, Ford-Freak Club of Finland and many other clubs.
In swap market over 300 sellers - great place to find rare parts and unnecessary things.
Pick-Nick have visitors from Estonia, France, Sweden, Germany, Russia etc. Farthermost price for show car was handed over to visitor from Australia.

Pick-Nick is the biggest one day car show in Northern Europe!

The night before / accommodation

SMCF ry / Pick-Nick doesn’t have organized program before the event, but several people comes to City of Forssa day before and take part to city festival Holjat Markkinat (pages in Finnish). We couldn't find good information in english about local services like accommodation - page http://www.forssa.fi/in_english/travel_and_tourism/ anyway says, that you can write email to tourist info matkailuneuvonta@fskk.fi for more information.


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